Efficient legal support to from idea to scale

We get that you’re committed to building as rapidly as you reasonably can while avoiding common mistakes. From entity organization to financings through exit, we provide tested practical guidance to help.

Core Services


Entity Selection
and Formation

We guide your selection of entity type – C-corporation, S corporation, or LLC, and state of organization: Delaware, California, Nevada, Wyoming or elsewhere. Because we’ve done it hundreds of times, we generate governing documents efficiently and in accordance with your preferences guided by our many years of technical and practical insight.


Equity & Employment Compensation

Successful long term execution can be influenced greatly by your commitment to your team, and often their equity stake in the Company. We can help you structure robust co-founder and employee equity compensation plans while avoiding common employment pitfalls and minimizing complexity.


Contract Support

Whether it is your website and App policies or other B2C contracts, or SaaS, professional services, partnering, software development, and other B2B contracts, we bring experience and market knowledge to structure and negotiate fair agreements that advance your business interests, limit your legal risk, and foster healthy business relationships.

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Fundraising & Equity Finance

We represent startups in all phases of equity financing, including priced rounds, and do so regularly in early investor rounds: pre-seed – typically SAFEs, Seed, and Series A. Contact us for insight and guidance before committing – even orally – to business terms – particularly type of equity security, valuation, percent ownership, or the like.