Tech & Business Contracts

Helping you navigate contract risks and opportunities is at the core of what we do

We appreciate you may not have a passion for analyzing and drafting contracts – but we do, and we are very good at it.

Core Services


B2B Contracts

We are also quite good at identifying and explaining the nuanced provisions on which legal and financial risk turn, and as a practical matter often is, negotiated to more precisely and fairly allocate and cap risk within the context of a particular commercial relationship. We draft, negotiate, and redline master SaaS subscription agreements, professional service agreements – including support, software development, and outsourced administrative services, SOWs – to help you state clearly what is and isn’t to be delivered, for how much, and when. We regularlyprovide and assess employment agreements, NDAs, confidentiality, proprietary rights and invention assignment agreements, data protection agreements (DPAs), technology licensing , partnering agreements, and manufacturing, distribution agreements, OEM, and volume purchase agreements – including for sale of integrated circuits.


B2C Contracts

If you have direct to consumer contracts, they are likely online terms of service, terms of sale or license, and privacy policies. While you may be tempted to cut and paste from similar sites to yours, it is not a good idea on many levels. We regularly analyze, review and draft App terms of use, license agreements, and privacy policies based on the specific information you collect and process, and the specific laws and regulations applicable to your service.Where the law applied to your use, sharing, and retention of personal information is particularly complex or nuanced, we associate a privacy specialist to ensure you receive exactly what you need to keep out of trouble.